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WP Rockets is more than mere hosting. In fact, what we actually sell is peace of mind.

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Success is a team work. Our job is to let you enjoy yours, hands free.

  • What is WP Rockets?

    WP Rockets has been created to serve our customers with a reliable, high quality hosting for their WordPress sites. The project has been successfully running since January 2012 and it underwent major improvements ever since, taking shape around the real needs of our customer base.

    In 2016 we decided to open up to the public. The majority of our customers are located in Scandinavia.

  • Why a premium hosting?

    As all things in life, there is a direct correlation between investment and return. In short, you get what you're willing to give for, or alternatively pay for.

    Success is a team work: our job is to enable you to focus on your business, without hassles. At WP Rockets we take good care of all the tedious aspects involved in running a WordPress site.

    In other words, what we actually sell is peace of mind.

  • Who's WP Rockets for?

    How do you know if WP Rockets is for you? If you think of your site as an hobby our offers might be overkill. However, if you believe that your site plays a fundamental role in your business then we are here to help.

    A website that's slow and non responsive doesn't greatly improve your revenue. In order to keep it fresh and quick you need a high quality hosting that guarantees you uptime and reliability.

    Maintenance is a tedious task but we can do it for you.

  • Peace of mind

    The world moves fast and to stay competitive we have to focus on what really matters for our business. Taking care of the minutia of running your site shouldn't be your priority. That's our priority.

    Our mission is to alleviate our customers from the tediousness of maintaining a functional, healthy WordPress site, so that they are free to invest time and energy in expanding and improving their core business. Which surely isn't worrying about backups and updates.

    We'll do that for you. We'll give you peace of mind.

  • Security

    WordPress is nowadays the most common CMS on the web, which unfortunately makes it a primary target for brute force attacks and malware injection. Why bad people want to hack your site, we can't say, but we make sure they'll not get at it.

  • Backup

    It's so common to realize that we forgot a backup... when we need it! We'll take care about that automatically, daily or on demand, and we'll guide you along the process to restore your site, might the need arise.

  • Updates

    WordPress site is a wonderful machine that requires good care. Updates are pushed on a daily base, to plugins, themes, and core. We take care of this part as well, and make sure everything works as expected after each update.

  • Scale

    We strongly believe that your site is a major component of your business. As your site grows hungry of resources our infrastructure can scale up accordingly. Or scale down might you need to invest in other aspects of your business.

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