We collected some of the most frequent questions we’ve been asked regarding WP Rockets. If you have other concerning you can always write us directly.

Can I really have unlimited domains?

You can associate as many domains as you wish to a site hosted with WP Rockets and they will work as alternative URLs. However, we don’t sell domains (not yet). So you need to purchase additional domains from third parties, and you need to own those domains in order to set them up correctly.

We can help you with all the setting up.

Will you lock my site in?

We want our customers to be happy and feel safe with us. The day you will decide that WP Rockets isn’t the right fit for your needs, we will support you as much as we can with the migration process out from WP Rockets, into the new platform or hosting of your choice. So in short there is no lock in, and you can move out at any time.

However, please note that WP Rockets has a yearly fee, not refundable.

Why you need my FTP?

In order to transfer your site and replicate its exact appearance, we need to copy some files over, from your previous hosting provider, to our servers. You can provide us with those files, or we can take care of all the process (free of charge).

If you prefer us to do so, we’ll need the FTP access: server address, username, and password.

Note that plans with a dedicated VPS offer you the freedom to manage your theme by yourself.

What is a namespace/nameserver?

A site fundamentally is a bunch of files stored on a server. The server is online 24/7 and it can be reached via IP or through a domain. A domain is, simply put, the formal address for those files. Therefore, for your visitors to open your site, your domain has to be associated with the server that hosts your site. This is achieved with the nameservers. Normally it is trivial to setup the proper nameservers for a domain.

Once done it will take around few hours for the entire Internet to acknowledge the change and direct your visitors to the new location for your site. Again, we offer full support, free of charge, on this part of the migration process.

Will you redesign my site?

WP Rockets is an hosting company and does not offer design or redesign of any sort. However, we’ll verify that your site is free of malware, coding errors, and bugs. We’ll do that as part of the migration process because it is vital that we make sure all parts of your site working harmoniously to create a great customer experience for your visitors.

Might your site have some major flaws coding-wise and needs an extra work in order to comply to our standards, we might have to charge you for the fixes. However, that will be always discussed before hand, and we are sure that you’ll appreciate the improvements we might suggest.

If you’d like someone else fixing those flaws, we’re totally fine with that as long as your theme will satisfy our baselines.

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